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Non Profit Organization

It is the responsibility of nonprofit organizations to oversee donations and the distributions of these donations for the purpose of their mission. Aside from the day to day operations of achieving the organizations mission, are the accounting requirements that nonprofits must maintain such as financial reporting, recordkeeping, and tax filings. For most, this can be a time consuming and unfamiliar responsibility, especially when added on top of trying to run a successful nonprofit. At Whitlock and Company we are skilled in the tax, accounting, consulting and assurance services that are necessary to running a non profit and would love to help you in these areas in order to allow you to better focus on completing your organizations mission.

Whitlock & Company professionals can help nonprofit organizations with:

Tax Services

  • Income tax returns preparation and filing multi-state tax returns
  • Depreciation schedules, including depreciation options and elections to fit your business
  • Tax Planning
  • Capital asset planning and strategy
  • IRS Audit support services

Accounting Services

  • Bookkeeping services and consulting
  • Payroll processing and filings
  • Financial statements, reporting, and management reports
  • QuickBooks set-up, consulting and training
  • HOA billings

Consulting Services

  • Cash flow management services
  • Financial projections and budgets
  • Budget and reserve funding


  • Financial statement reviews and compilations
  • Internal control reviews
  • Agreed upon procedures