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Covid-19 Considerations

The novel COVID-19 pandemic has affected society and business industries in a great way. Whitlock & Company’s team has been working with all of our clients to help them navigate this difficult time. Below are a few key topics that our team has assisted with:

Payroll Protection Program

Whitlock & Company’s team assisted clients with applying for the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and obtaining those funds. Our team is now assisting clients with the forgiveness applications as well as preparing the accounting for those funds and how they were used throughout 2020. If there is another round of the Payroll Protection Program, Whitlock & Company’s team is on stand-by to assist clients with applying for funds again. We are here for you if you are trying to determine how to be forgiven of this loan and what documents need to be filed. Also, if your business needs help determining what expenses will be deductible in 2020 because of the Payroll Protection Program.

Due Dates

Many due dates were moved due to COVID-19 throughout 2020. It is anticipated that 2021 due dates may change as well. Whitlock & Company’s team is notifying it’s clients as soon as these due dates change to assure timely filings. If your business needs help with past filings or assistance with notices for late filings, our team is here to help!


The COVID-19 pandemic affected the profitability of many businesses. Our team is here to help businesses budget their money and to prepare financial statements that analyze what income and expenses look like today and what they could look like in the future. It's our goal to be your financial partner.


Our team has assisted clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with various state unemployment regulations that were being changed to accommodate the shutdowns of non-essential businesses. We know that many businesses are invested in their employees, and they want to help with anything they can to assure funds that allow an employee to support theirself and their family. If unemployment is an option that is being considered due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are here to assist.

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